miércoles, 6 de abril de 2016


Yesterday, cover of pure
imagination, I found
crazy girl who, I hope,
you have never met before.
She told me that she was never  alone,
because  if she has some book to read,
she starts imagine she is part of the story.
She was a magic one,
she seems to bright more than the stars...
When it rains and my little woman walks
she seems to fly and dance.
Sometimes she is an astronaut
and can see every single star in the sky.
Time to time she can dream
she is speaking with exotic animals...
or guiding by the wind,
run in magical places.
Also she meets incredible people
in every place she goes...
with some human, she falls in love
But... at the end of our accidental meeting
she told me that
her experiences hadn’t happened
if she  had never been reading.