viernes, 25 de marzo de 2016


Everything that touched us and made our life more beautiful, everything that makes us love, feel, think in a unique, special and different way, has been recorded in our soul throughout our life.

All of a sudden, some day, we will have to wonder why we live, what reason we are living for, where we go. Anyway, the most worrisome curiosities should be: What do we live? How do we live? Are we alive? Who are we? WHAT are we?

We meet people, we hear music, admire sunsets once and again... We walk, we move. However, everything seems to be monotonous. The world seems to be spinning around in the same way.

But, inside us, everything has changed because a second, a single instant, a decision, a letter modify the rhythm of our lives by breaking the rules… Some moments overlay others, transforming our existence, guiding our way. They turn into memory.
They become what we are... because the most exciting moments delimitate our essence. They choose us and they walk with us forever.

Starting again would be as if we changed, we lived again, and to live again is essential to make new memories, finish the last chapter, close the book, forget the time and take the little instants when it is always here and now...

…the memory...

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